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Today I would like to talk about "adulthood".

If you start reading this article, you might have a lot of thoughts about "grown-ups".
But today, just let me give you my personal definition of what a matured adult is.

"Children" are those who hold their parents responsible for their actions.
"Adults" are those who hold themselves responsible for their actions.

Let's think of an example.

Suppose that a baby died because she wasn't fed.
Whose responsibility is it?
In this example, the parents who didn't feed the baby are responsible for her death.
Therefore, we can say babies are "children".

Everyone starts their life as a child.
Being a child, you have to have your parents take care of you, in every aspect of your life, and you do what you are told to do.
Because you are doing what you are told to do, you can blame your parents even if you make a mistake.
This is because of the absence of your own free will.

One day, as you grow up, you stop doing what you are told to do.

This rebellious period is a very important ritual for you to go through.
At the moment you acted against your parents, you've just stepped out to your journey to the adulthood, to become fully fledged from the person who has been acting under the responsibility of your parents.

At the moment you acted against your parents, you can no longer blame your parents for the consequences of your actions.
Through this ritual of acting against your parents, you grow into a mature adult.
(There are some who don't go through this period, but they are just acting they are told to do, under the responsibility of their own. There is also a possibility that they haven't fully reached their maturity.)

I've explained about the notion of the "children" and the "adults" so far.

Now let's get us to the point.
I want to make the following assertion:

Every Child on Earth Should be Allowed to Choose Their Nationality Upon Maturity into Their Adulthood.

(Just to mention to make sure, this is a statement of what I think is ideal. You may question how we can realize such a socio-political system, but I'm fully aware that there are too many obstacles to overcome, and I can't address each issue in the space of this page; so I would like to leave them to be told in the future.)

How Does This Nationality Thing Relate To "Fully Matured Adult"?

Please start by asking yourself "why do we have to follow our laws?", "why aren't we permitted to cross a street when the streetlight is red?" or "why aren't we permitted to kill anyone?".

Obviously, it is because our laws stipulate to or not to.

Ask yourself, then, why do we have to follow our laws?

Is it because we live in a country governed by the laws?
or because we enjoy their benefits?

If you really think about it, you will realize that we don't have any reason to follow our laws, because none of us really made a choice to follow them, through the exercise of our own free will.

In other words, from the viewpoint of our nation-state, we are analogous to being "children" who are not living on our own free will.

Under the current law, if you are born from parents who are Japanese nationals, you are forced to become a Japanese national, too, and forced to follow the Japanese laws.
This is absolutely wrong.

We are human beings, and we have a right to live on our own free will.
Now it is the time for us to become liberated from our nations, by exerting our right to choose our own nationality.

Of course, there will be no problem at all even if you choose to be a national you are born into.
If you do so, because you made your choice on your own free will, you will be freed from the control of the nation.
(It is comparable to the adults who never acted against their parents.)

Long time ago, monarchs had so much power, and everybody accepted it without questioning.
In the 18th century, people's revolutions destroyed the absolute monarchy.
At that moment, the human race finally realized that the absolute power of a monarch was just a "fantasy" without any reasonable ground, and became liberated from the monarchy.

Long time ago, there were slaves all over the world.
In the 20th century, the nations started prohibiting slavery under their law.
At that moment, the human race finally realized that slavery was just a "fantasy" without any reasonable ground, and became liberated from the slavery.

Many people take the notion of the "nation" for granted, without questioning.
However, there are some of us who are starting to realize that the "nation", too, may be a "fantasy" without any reasonable ground.
It may be in not too distant future that human race will become fully liberated from our nation.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."

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1. Anonymous
[2020/07/22 12:40:38 JST(UTC+09:00)]

It should be the ultimate right of any human being to leave their nation for any other nation. The governments who control this ability make it very difficult for anyone to leave. They do this through fear and they spy on anyone who actually makes it out.

2. Fully Hatter
[2020/07/25 10:49:20 JST(UTC+09:00)]

> Anonymous
Thank you for your comment.
Of course there are difficulties as you pointed out.
From the standpoint of the nation, losing people is nothing more than "damage", so there are another risk, like "educational brainwashing".
"My country is the best in the world", "The person who doesn't choose the country where he was born is the worst person", and so on.

But I believe that someday humans will overcome such difficulties and will have real freedom.

Comment here, and Fully Hatter will reply with affection.

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