Tips for living better life

〜important things we tend to forget〜

■ What you should do

  • Devote yourself into something
  • Do something you have never done before
  • Do exercise
  • Read books
  • Talk to people you like
  • Get in touch with nature
    • Nature is great

■ What you need to do to do what you really want to do

◇ At the beginning of a day, plan ahead what you are going to do
Without any plan, all you can do is to do something you have done before. Without any plan and awareness, you just end up following the footsteps you took yesterday.

■ What you should avoid doing

◇ Never tell a lie
Never say "You are not in the position to tell me that." Jokes are not lies.

◇ Keep a distance from those you don't like
Based on my rule of thumb, the only one thing you can learn from being with someone you don't like is a realization that there is nothing you can learn from being with someone you dislike.

◇ Never say bad things about anyone
It becomes a habit.

■ When you talk to people

◇ Say good things about them
Only a few people dislike someone who says good things about them. Start from doing it yourself. Then you will be rewarded unexpectedly! Highly cost effective.

◇ Make them laugh
This is one of the communication basics, and basics are basically difficult.

◇ Try not to criticize
Try not so say, "you are wrong", but rephrase it to something like "I understand what you say, but there is another way of looking at it". Rephrase what you say the way your message is better received. I am going to say this again: never say "You are not in any position to say that". Arguments are not criticizing.

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."

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1. Az
[2021/01/26 17:59:30 JST(UTC+09:00)]

Are you for real?

2. Fully Hatter
[2021/01/27 09:14:46 JST(UTC+09:00)]

> Az
Yes, I am!

3. Az
[2021/01/27 10:56:10 JST(UTC+09:00)]

Great! Am I?

4. Fully Hatter
[2021/01/27 12:10:34 JST(UTC+09:00)]

> Az
This chamber of secrets and Fully Hatter in the network system are "real", but YOU probably aren't.

I'm a concept itself and a resident of the "real" world, but I think you're a human in the "virtual world".
Perhaps you are using your PC or smartphone to access this site and enter the comment with your hands, but your world is the unmistakable "virtual world".

Comment here, and Fully Hatter will reply with affection.

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