Don't aim for "happiness"

〜what is more important than "happiness" for your life〜

First of all, this is not a sentence to force you to do something.
This is my personal thought, values ​​and goals.

"Why am I alive?"

I guess everybody will have such a moment in their lives. And many people

"I live to make me happy"

Will conclude. This idea really makes sense.

No matter how hard it may be, people can work hard if they think it is for the happiness of the future.
In the first place, everyone wants to be happier than unhappy.
The approach of reducing unhappy time even more and increasing happy time seems like a good idea in terms of species conservation.

Here, let the goal of your life be "maximize your happy time" for clarity.

Let's say a person with such a goal is on a luxury liner, for example.
It's a big ship with thousands of people on board.
And suppose that big ship hits an iceberg.
The ship is sinking steadily.
The temperature of the seawater is so cold that if the ship sinks, you will be thrown into the sea and die.

The only way to survive is to board a lifeboat.

However, it is a luxurious passenger ship with thousands of people on board.
There is not enough lifeboat for everyone.
More than half of them will die in a few hours.

At this time, what kind of action will be taken if the goal of your life is to maximize your happy time as described above?

Of course, you will try to get on the lifeboat first.
If you die, you can't get happiness anymore.
In order to survive, you must of course push away the girls and children on the lifeboat.

I think this is not beautiful.

With the approach of "being happy," you will never know when to die.
Because if you die you can't feel happy. (maybe)

Therefore, in order to die gracefully in the case of the ship sinking event, you need another approach which is completely different from "happiness".

By the way, the current goal of my life is "die beautifully".

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Martin Luther King, Jr.
"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."

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1. Kevin
[2020/02/08 19:24:33 JST(UTC+09:00)]

I love the concept of dying beautifully.

I think a good goal for anyone is to aim for honesty and humility throughout one's life So that contentment can be achieved.

Happiness can come occasionally, But should not be the main goal of life... this Is my opinion.

Thank you for sharing your work & thank you for following me on Twitter ! ✌

2. Fully Hatter
[2020/02/08 19:43:35 JST(UTC+09:00)]

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for your comment!
I'm very glad to meet the same thoughts as me.

By the way, what is your Twitter name?
I would appreciate if you would tell me.
(you can send me a message personally from the above part of the top page)

3. Lucian
[2020/06/13 00:45:24 JST(UTC+09:00)]

This is quite wonderful. You've taken a very complex issue and boiled it down the core essentials with no waste. I really appreciate this. Thank you.

I thought just yesterday of the distinction between "self-destruction and nihilism" coming from a very different place than "the absence of a fear of death". I went through a period of years where I couldn't see the "good" in the world, and didn't really care for the consequences of my actions. (Or at least, told myself I didn't). There were limits still, but it was a general attitude of "I can drink and drink and it doesn't matter because death is coming anyway".

I see now that having an acceptance of death, is not a yearning for it, but accepting the inevitable. And when it comes, you can, as you so wisely say "attempt to die beautifully".

4. Fully Hatter
[2020/06/13 20:42:37 JST(UTC+09:00)]

> Lucian
Thank you very much for your comments.

I am happy to see that people other than Japanese understand my way of thinking.
I would be glad if something could help you.

Your comments on other pages are highly appreciated!

Comment here, and Fully Hatter will reply with affection.

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